l The Korean National Police are professionals who are equipped with scientific investigation and
   up-to-date systems.
With all the information data-based and analyzed scientifically, the police force is aiming to make quick and accurate judgments to eliminate crimes completely.
Along with this, to eradicate crimes, we are enforcing up-to-date investigation equipment and developing crime information management systems to database and manage the investigation material efficiently.
Now, the Korean National Police can be mobilized whenever and wherever a citizen calls. From the beginning to the end of investigations we will prove that we are 'professional police' with your desirable level of investigation.
The Korean National Police, protecting the people with up-to-date scientific investigations
l We will adapt scientific public order systems and enforce the professionalism of investigations.

As the living environment has become professional and complex, the digitalized aspect of crimes is changing quite diversely and intelligently.
Facing the information society, the police must have more professional and active capacities to concentrate all their energy to eradicate crimes and cope with the situation with investigation systems like investigation development systems systematically.
We are also focusing on developing specific policies to build 'profilers', who are crime analyzers.

l We are opening the future of the Korean National Police.
We have established a committee in order to make a 'cooperative peace order, comfortable society,' and also we are interested in cultivating competent police to lead the 21 century digital information society who will lead the scientific and globalized world consistently.
We want to reform the police administration and systems, raise the professionalism of investigations, and open a new horizon of scientific investigation, so it is important to have young brains, passion and spirit to create the world's strongest police force.
We have been walking a continuous police road for over a half century -
The police of today are discreetly, but meticulously 'reforming', and competent youths are preparing to open a new road conspicuously.
Endlessly challenging brain survival -Keep watching the Korean National Police.

crime report (without regional number) : 112
KNPA civil information main phone: (02)363-0112
Internet Homepage : http://www.police.go.kr

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