July 24
Established the organization of the police agency and its affiliated institution.
  (The presidential rule No. 13431)
Changed the name of the Security Headquarters ¡æ The Police Agency.
Changed the name of the Provincial Police Bureau ¡æ The Provincial Police Agency.
Changed the name of the Marine Police Unit ¡æ The Marine Police Agency, etc.
August 21 Started the CPPA and the newly-found organization. (The CPPA Instruction No. 1)
Chungnam Police Bureau ¡æ Chungnam Provincial Police Agency.
The chief of the Police Bureau ¡æ The chief of the CPPA.
The Officer(Vice-director) ¡æ The Deputy - chief.
Erased the Public Information Section in the Police Affairs department,
  newly-found the Public Information Officer under a direct control of the chief.
Erased the Investigation office, newly-found the Investigation Officer under a
  direct control of the Deputy-chief.
Changed the name of the Security department to the Crime Prevention department.
Changed the name of the Anticrime department to the Security department.
Changed the name of the Daejeon Police Station to the Daejeon Jungbu Police Station.
October 21 Started the Security Public Administration Council.

October 17
Newly-found the Daejeon Bukbu Police Station.

May 12

Changed the name of the department in charge of Crime of Violence to the
Detective department.
Changed the name of the Communication department to the Computing
Communication department.

January 2
Promoted the unification the name of the Branch Office, the Police Box to the Police Box.
January 27 Changed the name of the Daecheon Police Station to the Boryeong Police Station,
the Onyang Police Station to the Asan Police Station.
July 1 Set up the Police Daecheon Training Center.

June 29
Changed the name of the Kangkyeong Police Station to the Nonsan Police Station.
Changed the name of the Computing Communication Department to the Computing
  Communication Officer.
Newly-found the Provincial Police Special Attack Unit.
Newly-found the Daejeon Government Building Guard Unit.

March 10
Newly-found the Mobile 3 Troops Unit.
May 11 Changed the name of the Daecheon Police Station to the Boryeong Police Station,
the Onyang Police Station to the Asan Police Station.
September 28 Set up the Police Daecheon Training Center.

June 25
Restructured the Provincial Police Office and the Police Station
< The Provincial Police Office>
United the departments : The Detective department + The Investigation department
  ¢¡ The Investigation department,
The Traffic department + The Guard department
  ¢¡ The Guard & Traffic department
Changed the name of The Computing Communication Officer ¡æ The Information Communication Officer.
Changed the name of the Detective Mobile Unit ¡æ The Mobile Investigation Unit.

December 28
Newly-found, opened the office, the Daejeon Dunsan Police Station.

October 15
Changed the organization the Provincial Police Agency.
  - Newly-found the Education Section in the Police Affairs department.
  - Newly-found the Drugs Section in the Investigation department, the Cyber Investigation Unit.
December 30 Newly-found the Ssangyong 2 Police Box in the Cheonan Police Station.
December 31 Changed the organization of the Police Station (Closed the Guard Post, etc.)
  - Closed 9 faraway island Guard Posts (Seosan 3, Boryeong 5, Hongseong 1)
  - Switched 1 Branch Police Office (Boryeong Janggodo)
  - Closed 3 Guard Posts ( town in Dangjin, Dongmun in Buyeo, Sinchang in Seocheon)
  - Newly-found 1 Police Guard Post(Busa in Seocheon)

April 30
Closed the Daecheong Police Box, the Samjeong Guard Post in the Daejeon Bukbu Police Station.
November 3 Closed the Gopado faraway island Guard Post in the Seosan Police Station.
December 24 Operated the Patrol Region Unit and the Public Security Center.
Newly-found the Detective department in the Cheonan Police Station,
  the Investigation department in the Cheongyang Police Station.
United the Security department and the Traffic department, the Information department and the
  Security department in the Daejeon Bukbu Police Station.

July 13
Closed the Gonam Special Police Box in Seosan, newly-found the Gonam Branch Office.
December 18 Newly-found, united the sections in the Police Station.
 - Newly-found the Women & Juvenile Section, the Foreign Affairs Section in the Cheonan Police Station.
- United the Sections in the Daejeon Bukbu Police Station.
- The Information 1 Section + The Information 2 Section ¢¡ The Information Section.
   Changed the name of the Sections in the Provincial Police Agency, the Investigation Unit.
- Changed the name of The Planning Section in the Provincial Police Agency
   ¡æ The Planning Budget Section
the Mobile Investigation Unit ¡æ The Wide Area Investigation Unit
The Drugs Section ¡æ The Drugs Investigation Unit.
April 27
Changed the name of the Public Information Division to the Public Relations Division
May 27 Newly-found the Dujeong Area Patrol Unit in the Cheonan Police Station.
Closed the Yedang Area Patrol Unit in the Yesan Police Station
United the section : Violent Crime section + Investigation section ¢¡ Investigation section
July 20 Newly-found the Noeun Special Police Box in the Dunsan Police Station.
July 22 Rearrange Special operation group under direct control of deputy-chief
March 1
Changed the name of the Jochiwon Police Station to the Yeongi Police Station
July 2
Newly-found the Daejeon Metropolitan Police Agency.
Aug 7

Newly-found the Women & Juvenile Section in 2nd grade Police station

Dec 30

Newly-found the Cheonan-dongnam Police Station
Changed the name of the Cheonan Police Station to the Cheonan-seobuk Police Station

March 20

[Gongju Police Station] Shut down Wooseong Police guardpost

April 15

Opened up Geumhak Precinct Office (Changed the name from Wangreung Precinct Office to Geumhak Precinct Office) (Changed the name from Geumhak Police Operation Center to Wangreung Police Operation Center)

May 6

[Hongseong Police Station] Completed new construction of Gwangcheon Precinct Office

July 17

[Gongju Police Station] Opened up Banpo Police Substation, Opened up Tancheon Ein Police Substation

July 28

[Seobuk Police Station] Opened up Seongjeong Precinct Office

July 30

Opened up Jiksan Police Substation Changed the name from Sunghwan Precinct Office ¡æ Sunghwan Police Substation

November 2

[Hongseong Police Station ] Opened up 4 Police Substations (Seobu Gyeolseong Police Substation, Geumma Hongbuk Police Substation, Hongdong Janggok Police Substation, Galsan Police Substation)

Shut down Geumma Precinct Office, Seobu Precinct Office

[Seocheon Police Station] Opened up a Police Substation
- Bein Police Substation (formerly Dongbaek Precinct Office)
- Seomyon Police Substation (formerly Seomyon Branch office)

November 5

[Buyeo Police Station] Newly established 2 Police Substations (Sedo Police Substation, Guryong Police Substation)

December 1

[Seobuk Police Station] Operation of Ipjang Police Operation Center

April 19

[Seobuk Police Station] Approval of Ipjang Police Operation Center as Ipjang Police Substation

[Gongju Police Station] Shut down Gyeryongsan Precinct Office

[Boryeong Police Station] Police Administration Division of Chungnam Police Agency-005825(2010.4.19) 2010 Police Substation Changed name to Jupo Precinct Office¡æJupo Police Substation, Daecheon Police Substation, Woongcheon Precinct Office¡æWoongcheon Police Substation, Cheonbuk Police Substation¡æOcheon Police Substation based on new establishment approval

April 30

[Nonsan Police Station] Changed name from Daecheon Precinct Office¡æDongdae Precinct Office by reorganization of regional police office

May 1

[Nonsan Police Station ] Opened up Yeonsan Police Substation

May 10

[Seosan Police Station] Extended Precinct Office as Police Substation, operating former 5 Precinct Offices ¡€ 5 Police Substations ¡€ 15 police operation centers as 2 Precinct Offices ¡€ 12 Police Substations ¡€ 11 police operation centers

May 12

[Seocheon Police Station] Changed Daepyong Precinct Office as Daepyong Police Substation, Woonju Precinct Office as Woonju Police Substation, opened up Jeondong Police Substation and Nam-myon Police Substation

July 27

[Dongnam Police Station 2010] Sinan Precinct Office ¡æ opened up Sinan Police Substation and Police Substation, Namsan Precinct Office ¡æ opened up Namsan Police Substation and Wonseong Police Substation, prepared 9 Police Substations and 4 police operation center system of Sinan Police Substation, Namsan Police Substation, Ilbong Police Substation, Munseong Police Substation, Wonseong Police Substation, Mokcheon Bukmyon Police Substation, Byungcheon Dongmyon Police Substation, Susin Seongnam Police Substation, Gwangdeok Pungse Police Substation, Dongmyon Police Operation Center, Bukmyon Police Operation Center, Seongnam Police Operation Center and Pungse Police Operation Center.


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