l Korean National Police will make a harmonious society, silently working for the people.
Facing the 21st century, we should overcome social conflict with a basic mentality of cooperation and harmony and make a society where we can live together harmoniously, and look after each other based on humanity, and construct the foundations of a cultural and social welfare society.
Now, the police will become the 'warm and benevolent neighbor' by your side and think of human rights first to make a good community with the mind of 'sharing' and 'serving'.
The citizen's kind friend, The Korean National Police.
l We will think of human rights first.

We will be police who think of both offender's and victim's human rights.
Along with this, we will strive to prevent producing criminal records by guiding adolescents who commit crimes by one-time mistakes.
Adolescent crimes start out from misdemeanors and gradually grow into chronic crimes,
so it is very important that they are guided properly in the first stage of their misconducts.
For this, we will enforce a conditional dismissal system called 'Diversion' and through
various guidance programs we will help them to be a member of this nation rather than
allowing them to fall into the dark side of society.

l We are there for you whenever you need help .
When you are carrying heavy luggage, when you are lost in the street after the day has grown dark, when you are afraid of going and coming from school, when someone is secretly causing you trouble, we would like to be a true warm friend helping you.
112 Service is within your reach. Be brave. We will work to make a comfortable, safe, and warm humane society, and we will stay by the weak people to protect them 24 hours a day.
The Korean National Police will be by your side whenever, wherever a hand is needed.
l We will strive to make a welfare society by sharing love.
We will share affection with lonely elderly people as their children, and visit orphanages as brothers and sisters to give them confidence, and also support a child patriarch and the marginalized people.
The police force is by your side, not just for criminal affairs and public safety, but also for making a warm harmonious society, and we will be at your side continuously.

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