Hi Korea | Making Appointments

Making Appointments?

Before you visit an Immigration Office, you are supposed to make an appointment online.

Reception guide

  • Once you book a visit, bring your appointment ticket with you.
    Application period
    24/7 (For some people, booking is allowed from the day after your arrival in Korea)
    Members & Non-members of hikorea.go.kr
    Visiting Days
    Booking and visiting on the same day is not possible
    * For visa extensions, booking is allowed from 4 months before visa expiration.
    It should be done at least 1 day before the visiting day (Cancellation is not allowed on the day you reserve a visit)
    • If you cancel your appointment on your visiting day
    • be late more than 5 minutes
    • be at a wrong office or a window
    * it will be considered as a no-show
    Confirmation of reservation and printing of reservation certificate
    [Reserve Visit - Reserve Visit Status]
  • Print out your reservation ticket and check on time, date, window and office, and bring it with you when you make a visit.


  • The Ministry of Justice regularly checks IP addresses of users. Those caught frequently reserving visits with other people’s private information will be punished.
  • If you pay an overdue National Health Insurance premium within 5 days of your visit through an ATM machine or the electronic billing system (www.giro.or.kr), you shall bring your receipt with you.
  • ※ Since May 29th 2017, all appointments must be made with actual names of visitors.
For further inquiries,call 1345.